Our Client References



MAGNA ENERGIA a. s. is an electricity and gas supplier, as well as the operator of local distributions networks. It has operated in Slovak market since 2007. In Slovakia, the company was the firs one, which has started to supply the electricity even for households. The business holders are the first Slovak citizens that used the right to change the electricity supplier.



BENESTRA is a leading Slovakian alternative telecom provider focused on the corporate customers with broad product offering and owned modern infrastructure. In addition to voice, data and Internet services the company also provides hosting and cloud services with contractually guaranteed quality.


KROS a.s. – economic software developer

KROS a.s. is a leading provider of economic, construction and appraising software (ALFA plus, OLYMP, OMEGA, CENKROS plus, SMART plus, HYPO a MEMO). The KROS software is used by more than 74 000 users and it is the most popular software in its category in Slovakia.


Xpos – software

Xpos turns your computer or mobile device into a cash register that meets all the requirements of today’s businesses and provides you with many useful features and modules such as the Warehouse module and module for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes.

Slovenska Sporitelna

Slovenská sporiteľňa

Slovenská sporiteľňa as a member of Erste Group is the largest commercial bank in Slovak Republic. Slovenská sporiteľňa became the first bank to support PAY by square in their smartphone app.


Československá obchodná banka

One of the largest and strongest universal banks on the slovak market. A reliable partner for retail client, small and medium businesses, big corporations as well as for private banking clients.


UniCredit Bank Slovakia

Through one of the largest networks in Slovakia UniCredit is close to its customers in all regions. UniCredit covers the financial needs of individuals, businessmen and companies. UniCredit also offers exclusive services to the private banking customers.

Tatra banka

Tatra banka

Tatra banka is currently the third largest bank in Slovakia. It is a modern and universal bank with a complex product portfolio for retail as well as corporate clients.

Prima banka

Prima banka

Prima banka provides complex services for retail clients, businesses and administration.


Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť

Operates water mains and sewer networks in the Bratislava Region, a portion of the Trnava Region (Senica and Skalica Districts) and a portion of the Trenčín Region (Myjava District).


ANTIK Telecom

Largest regional telecom operator in Slovakia that provides internet connectivity, digital TV and telecom services to over 45 thousand clients. A leader of IP television due to its own R&D laboratory.


Acces Group

Operating in the field of providing financial and accountancy services on the market since 2000. Since the time of the company’s foundation the scope of the services we offer our clients has broadened considerably. We are a relatively young but sable company with a history of successful operation on the domestic and foreign market.

HT Solution

HT Solution

HT Solution develops, markets and implements ERP system eso/es and management information system mis/es. HT Solution is currently implementing the by square standard.



iInvoices mobile apps allows you to create invoices right in your smartphone. By square QR codes will be available in iInvoices very soon.



Translata is one of the leading agencies in Slovakia providing translation and interpreting services. Translata is currently implementing the by square standard.



Superfaktúra is simple and comprehensive invoicing system used by more than 2000 entrepreneurs and small companies. Superfaktura is also the first company to implement and release by square.

GS1 Slovakia

GS1 Slovakia

GS1 is a leading global organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards. GS1 Slovakia strongly supports by square standard and INVOICE by square was designed to carry GS1 assigned identification numbers.



VNET is the third largest data operator in Slovakia. VNET is currently one of the first companies who have implemented pay by square standard and their costumers can pay invoices by using by square QR codes.



STORMWARE company is the producent of economic and information system Pohoda and Pohoda Business Intelligence. Economic and information system Pohoda is one of the most used software for business and accounting in Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Generali is the third largest insurance company in Slovakia. It is part of one of the largest insurance groups – Generali PPF Holding, which manages the business in ten Central and Eastern European countries and provides services to more than ten million customers. Clients insurance companies can thus benefit from the strong international background as well as traditional insurance companies in both life and non-life insurance.



In Slovakia, O2 is the youngest and fastest growing mobile operator so far. From the beginning O2 brings advanced solutions, open communication and fairness for all customers without exceptions. With a simple portfolio of products, O2 is systematically changing the rules of mobile communication.



Modular accounting software FENIX by Compeko is designed for increased flexibility. It can efficiently serve a large variety of customers – ranging from small companies to large corporations including accounting firms. Compeko was the first one to use QR code for direct VAT payment as a sequence of tax statement assembly. System FENIX is able to read both QR codes.



Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s. (SPP) is a multi-commodity energy supplier with an important position among European energy players.
As a long-term leader on the gas market in Slovakia, the company builds directly on 157 years of tradition in the Slovak gas industry, and in 2012 it also successfully entered the electricity market.