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By square encodes financial and accounting data, saves time and money. The data is encoded into two related QR codes.

PAY by square

All data needed for the generation of the most convenient payment order yet are encoded in the PAY by square code.

Pay bysquare

Depending on your bank’s application, it can contain:

  • payment order
  • bulk payment order
  • standing order
  • direct debit

PAY by square is an electronic format for several types of payment orders and can hold up to 5 bank accounts in IBAN and BIC format. PAY by square is compatible with SEPA.

INVOICE by square

The INVOICE by square code contains general invoicing data necessary for effortless extraction of accounting data into your ERP system.

Pay bysquare

INVOICE by square works for:

  • invoices
  • credit & debit notes
  • proforma invoices
  • advance invoices

INVOICE by square can store general invoice data, monetary amount summary and one invoice item. If required, the code can be extended by one or more additional invoice item codes to store any number of invoice items.

By square saves time. You only need a few seconds to scan the bysquare codes. Data are automatically processed without any manual input.

By square eliminates errors. Using the bysquare codes practically eliminates the book-entry of incorrect data. You will not have to worry about a payment order with an incorrect payment specification or account number ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have we created 2 QR codes, not just one?

QR codes are a wonderful carrier of information, but they have their capacity limitations (size matters).

In order to allow for an efficient encoding of all key payment and invoicing information, we have divided this information into the PAY by square and the INVOICE by square codes.

Why do you want to use both of our codes?

While the lonely PAY by square code may be sufficient for business to consumer transactions (allowing your end-consumers to pay you easily), only the combination of both of these codes allows for the easy and flawless processing of payment and invoicing information in business to business transactions.

If you want to do a favor to your business partners – include both codes on your invoices. In return, you will benefit greatly from receiving invoices with both codes from your business partners!

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional bar code. A useful feature of such code is, that it can be carried on a physical medium such as a paper document or an electronic medium such as a PDF file.

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PAY by square

We provide support in the implementation of the standalone PAY by square solution in Slovakia. Please, contact us for a quote.

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PAY & INVOICE by square

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